Not so long ago there was a group of doctors in America that practiced Eclectic Medicine. They were physicians who employed whatever was found to be beneficial to their patients. Eclectic Medicine was formed in opposition to the toxic remedies used by standard doctors in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Eclectics didn’t care who discovered the remedy; botanical, homeopathic, mineral and occasionally chemical medicines were used to bring balance to the body.

Like the Eclectic Physicians, I believe in using what works. In my practice I use a diverse range of medicines, from foot soaks to horrible tasting teas, from vitamins and tinctures to the occasional recommendation that you go to a doctor and get a pharmaceutical. I support therapies that work, those that I’ve seen work in my own practice and those that have sound research behind them.

My name is Thomas Easley and I live in South Alabama. I started training in Herbal Medicine when I was 14 years old. 15 years later, including 10 years of full-time clinical practice, I still love plants. In the rural South, Herbalism never died out like it did in most of America. Using plants as medicine is a strong part of our heritage and tradition. I love sharing that tradition with people and watching the improvements in their lives that result from the magic of nature.